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Smugmug Print QualityWhere to Order Photo Prints Online. Sell photo prints, photo books and photo gifts, fulfilled by SmugMug's printing partners; Track your visitors and sales using built-in analytics . However, some particular shot-tastic days such as Glacier, Banana Boating, Camping, Cailler Chocolate Factory/Gruyere or Olympics may incur a slightly longer delay due to the fact that it takes more time to select and edit the best photographs from the. So in the spirit of spreading the good news, we'll periodically feature our labs' favorite print products and dig a little deeper so that you can dig right in and try them for yourself. Photo in the US and is a trusted lab with high-quality prints and papers, . We've partnered with fantastic labs to deliver the highest-quality prints possible. Sample results from 8x10s with the same paper type mounted on a black board. Shipping is fast and the print quality, is top of the line and near impossible to get the same high quality. you can order professional quality prints straight from your . One of these reasons I chose SmugMug is the quality and economy of their photo printing. Please feel free to contact me with any questions during your ordering process. How Much Can You Earn With SmugMug?. My father had a greenhouse business near Helsinki, where I had to get my hands dirty,and. SmugMug vs Flickr: Comparison for Photographers – Lapse of. SmugMug SEO Guide for Photographers. SmugMug's shopping cart itself (directly before the checkout page) actually is quite nice. chapter XVII: SmugMug, Shutterfly, Picasa, OH MY!. Whether you want Color, Black and White or Selective Coloring (VERY POPULAR) these printing medias offer the perfect finishing touch on archival quality papers!. Photography exclusively work with Smugmug. There are photos here from interesting locations around the world. It was in Finland, which explains why most of you think my name sounds funny. SmugMug fixed print quality House Pro makes adjustments - customer happy SmugMug customer service ROCKS Wedding Day disappointment - SmugMug to the rescue! Site customization We fix the baseball team! Customer writes help desk - my swimmer looks bad! Andy Portfolio • Workshops • Facebook • Twitter. As mentioned above, I have switched all of my more artistic work over to Bay Photo printing. SmugMug has a significant advantage over Squarespace in . Enjoy thousands of images from the largest WWII D-Day reenactment in the world. At first glance, testers couldn't decide between Mpix, upper right, and Bay, lower right as best. A key factor in getting stunning large prints is having enough high quality information in your starting file. I think I have decided on smugmug. Moderator of the Technique Forum and Finishing School on Dgrin. I'm a local area photographer in the Hampton Roads area serving the 7 cities and can provide studio quality on-site printing for your next Formal/Semi Formal Event, Military Dining In/Out, ROTC/JROTC Balls, Birthday Parties, Conferences, Weddings, etc Feel free to email me @ [email protected] smugmug #print #reviewSmugMug print quality review UK Loxley Colour award winning print lab in Scotland is the professional print lab used . Users also enjoy partnerships with select print labs for high-quality printing of your works. This beacon that issues majesty and challenge is the embodymeant of my tag line; make your story worth reading. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I have enjoyed capturing, developing and offering these images. What's more, selling photos on SmugMug takes out some of the guesswork that comes with operating a similar business alone. Custom photo privacy and sharing. The galleries may have multiple pages. We've always been thrilled blown away by the incredible quality of our four print labs, but we still run into quite a few SmugMug customers who don't know that we offer a way to print photos, period. I've had some things printed separately through Nations in the past and . SmugMug Review PROS / CONS (2022) Good Option For Selling Photos?. All are available to purchase as a high quality print or canvas. Photos that will be used for commercial purposes (Stallion advertising / product advertising) require a commercial license. 47 posts Joined Aug 2007 Location: Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Area. 16x20, 16x24 $120 $175 $300 $225 $200. The store is powered by SmugMug so you will have a professional buying experience and their prints are of a quality that you will be proud to hang on your wall. Add a review * Name: * Email: Review: (2000 symbols max) Tags: a. Smugmug allows your clients to print the pictures at the best possible printing labs. 99/month and up: Upload unlimited numbers of photos and videos – and have them all backed up with Amazon Web Services. Smugmug Bio: Welcome! I'm Joel, thanks for visiting my page. For orders from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. White House and other professional printers. If your camera can shoot in raw format, that is. Single Image - high quality jpeg, self download - $5 Portrait Sessions $75 - outdoor location in Peoria, IL area * Includes one 8 x 10 print of your choice * CD of pictures processed (you can use/print as you wish) * Additional prints can be ordered at normal pricing. Smugmug Lightroom Plugin: Great Way to Sell more Photos. SmugMug Review 2022 A dedicated online portfolio website builder Our independent research projects and impartial reviews are funded in part by affiliate commissions, at no extra cost to our readers. com/print-labs-available-with-smugmug-rkHDggvkNSf. , many personal galleries, and soon to come-----flowers, birds, landscapes and wildlife from the Southwest!!! Remember, to purchase prints of any of these images, just click on "buy this photo". It incorporates your theme, and it looks well-organized even if you have dozens of printing options available – see below for a screenshot. In this SmugMug review, I’m going to share my thoughts as to whether or not I think SmugMug is a good option for building a photography portfolio and selling your photos. Whole gallery download -with printing rights- $100. We've taken the enlargements to photography user groups, who say the print quality is stunning. 2022 AAU Kids Districts - Randi Yeager Photos from events are available for download at social media size for FREE , download instead of taking a screenshot. and I'm less than impressed with the print quality when comparing to . 95 annually, Smugmug is the only pay service in this roundup, but you get what you pay for. High-quality custom printing in a myriad of photo sizes and finish styles. SmugMug Review 2022 – Is It That Good for Photographers. The Ultimate Selfie Station is a modern, open air photo booth that incorporates touch screen technology which allows your guests to pose, snap, and share their photos instantly via social media, text and email as well as print photo-lab quality photos in just seconds!. Can folks comment on quality of prints from these two places? Thanks in advance. As a portfolio platform, SmugMug is the more customizable of the two solutions. Then choose your desired format and size. When it comes to selling, the site builder allows custom pricing, supports multiple currencies, and offers a variety of branding opportunities. All photos print through Bay Photo, WHCC, or Loxley, . Canvas prints are printed directly. I've spent the last few years gaining experience in photography and can now consider myself an amateur photographer. The platform makes it easy to create a custom website and offers excellent e-commerce features, such as the ability to fulfill prints through partner labs and create custom price lists for every gallery. Jul 17, 2008 nice stuff from zenfolio. 99 Visit site » Best for Portfolio Websites Overall rating. Now, these images are just proofs and the quality can be low, your final photographs will be color corrected and adjusted to print at top quality. S and worldwide for quick shipping to almost any number of states, provinces or even. Download your faves for only $5 (low res. This album is archival and of the highest quality. The software allows you to upload proofs and final edits into a gallery that you can then send to your clients so they can pick their edits or order prints. The process and colour matching gives you the look and feel of an original. This photo application is powered by SmugMug. Here’s what you get on every SmugMug plan, $5. Why Go with a SmugMug Alternative? With the vast selection of online portfolio-building websites, it can be hard to choose which one you should be using for your own site. I live in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina. SmugMug also lets your clients order photos digitally or as physical goods printed onto cards, wall posters, photo books, coffee cups, phone cases and other random objects. SmugMug plans are cheaper compared to Squarespace's. Full quality photos for printing. Smugmug had an interesting article on this here: http://www. You can rest easy knowing your photos look their best thanks to the most trusted printing labs in the world and our 100% print guarantee. You can then go to your cart & select print size or other cool photo accessory items. In this case, you're paying for the best online interface, the best sharing format, and the best print quality. One would expect higher quality from Bay Photo with an equally SmugMug picked Bay Photo after a shootout with several printing vendors. I got a free Smugmug camera strap almost 3 years ago, and I am still using it (far superior quality to Nikon straps). Beloved_Hewetts (1) Beloved_Hewetts (2). SmugMug Review PROS / CONS (2022) Good Option For Selling. All print orders are automated and handled by my preferred professional lab to ensure the best print quality and color accuracy. When you're in control of print quality, you can take peace of mind in knowing your photos are being printed beautifully. Of course the amount of money you can make all depends on. 3) Photo Quality One thing that has always impressed me about SmugMug is the high quality of your photos when they appear on your site. Beloved_Family_Mandie (1) Beloved_Family_Mandie (2). This is a size that allows for quality printing at most reasonable sizes. When looking at ease of use, Zenfolio and SmugMug are comparable. The quick version: Upload JPG, PNG, or GIF files up to 50 MB and 100 megapixels apiece, videos up to 3 GB and 20. State-of-the-art inkjet prints on an Epson 3800 with outstanding quality, fade resistance, and optimized choice. The production facilities are in Saxonia, Germany. All high resolution images are free to download and print using your favorite printing service. Thank you, your devoted art fans. Visit the FAQs page for details. Easy uploading and access from anywhere. I believe that the print lab I used via Zenfolio was mpix and the photo quality was good but not exceptional enough to overcome my user . You own all images so you can print where you want, when you want, and as many as you want. SmugMug shoots the award-winning cars at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and uses the medium setting for prints up to 30x40 inches, displayed by the wealthy and prominent. Smugmug vs Zenfolio Print Quality. Custom Designed Archival Photo Album(This product is a hard cover, 11x14 20 pages/40 sided , perfect bound photo album with custom graphic design of 100 images of your choice. SmugMug is a platform, fully focused on photography. Lepp, photographer of wildflowers in California and longtime writer in Outdoor. In the me section further down the page of the is where you add in your custom domain name. I print mostly glossy or on metallic paper (using the Kodak Endura paper) and I've dabbled a bit with their "print on metal" service. Although both SmugMug and Flickr were separate photo services for a long time, for the last few years they have been owned by the same company, after SmugMug bought out. The "Buy" button allows you to use this site's picture printing services, but you are not required to do so! Estate Sale (2021). To be honest, I have done very little printing on my own. This makes it an excellent all in . The majority of the photos on this site were taken with a Nikon digital SLR and high quality Nikon lenses, so the print quality will be excellent. In 2005, a visit to Lake Silverwood to expose my wife, Di, to the experience of seeing Bald Eagles first-hand in the wild also gave me the. Before wondering too much where the name comes from, SmugMug aims to be one of the best website builder platforms, specifically for displaying high-quality photos. Print Lab Love: Find Your Perfect Match in 2013. 7K Elsewhere More, on Medium Print Labs SmugMug in SmugMug Oct 2, 2013 Get to Know Alumini Prints by Loxley Colour We've always been thrilled blown away by the incredible quality of our four print labs, but we still run into quite a few SmugMug customers who don't know that we offer a way to print photos, period. Her developed vision and love for arts guided her to acquire a Digital Photography. Forever Memories by Sarah Photography. Dave's SmugMug Referral Code (Earn a $5 discount on your new SmugMug account using my code: bLddl3oEbN1Rw) I'm an amateur 'snapshot-styled' photographer that started with an Olympus D-360 1. On your SmugMug website you need to go to the top right corner where the profile photo is. Dog Photographer Rebecca Goutorbe. If you're new to SmugMug, you may wonder exactly what, how much and how often you can upload to your galleries. Anyone have experience with fotomoto, an online photo print fulfillment SmugMug has fantastic print quality, and that's a big factor in . Smugmug prohibits uploading and displaying photographs or other media portraying explicit nudity that would be unacceptable in a public museum. Print quality at SmugMug vs MPix vs Jul 27, 2005 Fellow Rebels, Who do you use for your pro lab printing? Is MPix or SmugMug up to the task? I uploaded 70 images. SmugMug is a photo-sharing service popular among professional photographers. It can help anyone make a website, sell online, and store images - all in one spot. Print quality at SmugMug vs MPix vs Jul 27, 2005 Fellow Rebels, Who do you use for your pro lab printing? Is MPix or SmugMug up to the task? I uploaded 70 images to MPix, as it was highly recommended to me, but the upload process was painfully slow and there is not a good way to share the entire album with my client (unless I am missing. It's been so long since I ordered through them for photo prints that I thought it would be an interesting experiment to compare the quality of . SmugMug vs Shutterfly: Which Software Is Better?. As far as we can tell the SmugMug print quality, shipping and printing service are first rate. the only complaint ive heard from friends that ive directed to SMUGMUG is the cost of a "pro" account…to that i say, "what is quality hosting, the ability to market your work, impeccable service and online image protection worth to you???" …to me $149. Worse, the SmugMug logo is displayed in all-too-obvious lettering at the top of the page, as shown below. If you'd like to purchase prints, you can do directly from the gallery. We never limit the number of photos we edit! The hourly rate includes a full gallery of. 24x36 $200 $300 $500 $350 $400. -----You Can Also Order Prints from Here: GET YOUR SHOT™! Where 'Film is Cheap, Moments are Priceless' ™ On This SmugMug Website You Can Order FINE ART & MAGAZINE QUALITY IMAGES. All products are created from our very own Artwork and Photos! Walledlife Designs on RedBubble. I bought my first DSLR over 10 years ago just to photograph my own dogs. I use a professional commercial print lab for the highest quality photos, ordering is processed through SmugMug. See the Google map below to explore a few of those locations. 3000 x 6000 = 18 MPixels for a standard 300 ppi density. I will acknowledge your request, and place the image file (which can be sized to your requirements) in the 'Print Requests' gallery. Two years after being shut down, Flickr's photo printing service is back. If you make a purchase here you can be sure that only the finest papers are being used and each. The store-front on the SmugMug website offers an extensive list of ways you can print your photographs. All images sent out are of the highest quality and no less then 300 dpi. Upload once to your SmugMug site and make prints, gifts, and merchandise at any time. Here it is, the best part, viewing your photographs!! Simply find your gallery, enter your password and enjoy. In export I set the quality to 8'% (as to reduce the file size and to cut down on my upload time, as I upload about 2'' files a day, with my internet speed this can take 2 - 4 hours). Photos By Tom Zapcic Photography 732-547-0893 To download images hover mouse over an image-thumbnail and click the down-arrow icon button on bottom right. Red bars indicate the percent of people who picked a print as worst, green as best. The Ultimate Selfie Station. Welcome to the D-Day Conneaut Galleries. Photo quality is only guaranteed through photos purchased directly through me and my lab. Audio was similarly compressed. Is your favorite photo a work of art? Print it and display it for the world on 100's of items at SmugMug. I print big pictures for my fellow photographers or anybody who needs high quality big print made. Smugmug is one of the most uncomplicated website builders for photographers to use. Grow and streamline your photo business. 8x10, 8x12 $20 $75 $150 $100 $75. However, pricing and couponing are not the only factors to consider; print quality is also a factor. Squarespace vs SmugMug (2021): Which Website Builder Is. So if you still have some questions, after reading our review, check that out, as it'll probably provide you with an answer. Remember that Printify doesn't actually print its own merchandise. I immediately headed for a woods near my house and tried desperately to find a way to capture the magical way the sunlight lit up the green maple leaves above my head, and then sparkled across the rippling waters of the stream at my feet. The most updated photos are in "Family", by month. That means that customers can expect to receive a quality product every time they order. Election of Ashley Bair - Central Presbyterian Church. It also is easier to operate and gives you a better blog management system. 9 SmugMug Alternatives to Create Stunning Online Portfolios. Clients can have their images printed at some of the most renowned print labs in the US and UK. Sonia developed a stronger interest for photography during her 3 years of digital Animation School while she studied at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. Smugmug prints and galleries?. Please use online form to contact for more infomation. To go to fotomoto, or to chug along with SmugMug?. Smugmug Coupons: 37% OFF Promo Codes April 2022. If you wish to use any image commercially or for publication, or if you'd like to order a custom, higher quality, or larger print instead of the standard (not so great) SmugMug print, contact me at [email protected] When you spend a good amount of money for professional pictures, it's important to have quality prints to show off these memories in the best . SmugMug Reviews So to finish off my SmugMug review, they are not just a photographers website, they are a great easy to use website platform for anyone with a camera or a business where you need to display images well. Here are just a few perks you get when you store, sell, or gift with SmugMug: Unlimited, full-resolution photo storage. WHCC, Mpix and ProDPI are not offered via smugmug so I still have to believe that at half the cost, EX print is a lower quality option regardless of the color correction. You can email any questions or orders through to churchill. Get to Know Alumini Prints by Loxley Colour. Smugmug vs Zenfolio Print Quality Jul 17, 2008 Greetings, Currently deciding between Smugmug and Zenfolio. Bokeh, patterns, colours, abstract, seasonal, textures and more. I have never requested, nor do I receive any money for prints ordered through Smugmug. All of my watercolour prints are produced on Torchon by Hahnemühle. Some photographers mistakenly treat SmugMug as another photo sharing but what it gives me is access to the top quality print houses in . I joined smugmug in January '05 on the one-week trial and ordered a bunch of prints of different pictures I had uploaded - that was the deciding factor in whether I'd use the site or not. Unfortunately, the resolution of these images is so small you will not be able to purchase a quality print. All photos are available as high quality wall art prints and stock. Start making money from your photos. Let's schedule your game, activity or competition make some memories to share! Click on the Contact link above, send me an email at kellyevansphotography [@] outlook. is not liable for print quality, cropping or coloring of any photos not printed directly through my professional lab. Order pro-quality prints from your. The photos are not for swiping but for your viewing pleasure. Please contact me at douglasfrazier. -CD containing all quality images for your use online or for making prints NO RESTRICTIONS, no outrageous print packages, no water marks, just the pictures of you and your loved ones! All for a limited time low price of $100 Add ons: Additional CDs: $10 Print order - $25 fee + cost of requested prints (I will provide a quote prior to ordering). Greetings Fremantle members and friends. Smugmug print quality and shipping In reply to Gigi • Nov 13, 2007 I've got a print delivered from Zenfolio via the EZ Prints lab. high-resolution images and a print release. If you are looking for surf images, PLEASE re-contact me so I can service your print requirements. Please visit the prints & gifts section. We have a large selection of quality print-on-demand products available. 3-MP digital mostly for documenting work-related equipment items. This is changed in the SmugMug Theme there are loads of different themes to choose from within the Theme customise panel. Registered members may log in to forums and access all the features: full search, image upload, follow forums, own gear list and ratings, likes, more forums, private messaging, thread follow, notifications, own gallery, all settings, view hosted photos, own reviews, see more and do more and all is free. SmugMug vs Zenfolio: The Verdict. Shutterfly and SmugMug are really OK for family pics but for professional . I was born in the time when B&W photos were IN. In this buying guide we've rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing around $2000 and recommended the best. Church of the Holy Family May 19, 2001 - stevewronker. With this list of features, SmugMug sounds like a pretty fun option, for both complete beginners and seasoned pros. If you like Smugmug, and want to open your own Smugmug account, please use my email address [email protected] SmugMug Review: Is This the Best Website for Photographers?. SmugMug has a significant advantage over Squarespace in the print businesses they partner with. We started hearing that SmugMug Pros wanted even more print lab options, so we put our ears to the ground. Welcome to my personal sharing site for photos of family, friends, places and things. Track your visitors and sales using built-in analytics tools. Check out my Facebook page for seasonal specials and mini-sessions! contact: [email protected] Prints are carefully flat-packed . Glas Duille Photography owner Sonia Lemos, is an Atlanta-based digital photographer who inherited great love and passion for photography from her father. A giclee printer is different from your home inkjet printer because it uses 7-color permanent pigment inks instead of 4-color dye-based inks. SmugMug is a high-quality website builder designed to meet the needs of growing photography businesses. We felt confident that they met our (and your) incredibly high standards for beautiful prints each and every time. Bay Photo is renowned for their color accuracy, print quality and consistency. Thank you! Size Print only Matted Mat & Frame Canvas Metal. If you've shown that your print quality is professional, your clients will be more inclined to order them directly from you instead of trying to find a printer themselves. Print quality images are free to download via the download button. Best video cameras for photographers in 2021 Aug 11, 2021 at 21:16. There are plenty of photography website templates to choose from to easily build a photography portfolio website. If you are interested in purchasing one of my many other images click on one of the Galleries below and you can view the images of your choice. This is my Gallery Website where you can view, purchase pictures and other merchandise of your special event. "smugmug easiest way for parents to grab print-quality copies of your kid photos, for free. Thanks! PS: Prints and gift items available direct on this site!. This site is powered by SmugMug, which provides secure online ordering, and high quality archival prints. WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY PHOTO WEBSITE! We hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures here. But their charges are on the higher side. Print it and display it for the world on 100's of items at SmugMug. The image quality on SmugMug will look fantastic on any type of device your client is using to view them. ***DISCLAIMER*** Some image files are much older than others and this may affect picture quality when printed at some of our largest sizes. Feel free to view any galleries and check out the photos. They really did have fun! They were just saying to each other how much fun it is carving pumpkins and how glad they were that I planned such an event for the "grandkids!". NOTE: SmugMug uses a professional lab renowned for color accuracy, print quality and consistency. This gallery hosted by SmugMug; your photos look better here. Best Photo Printing Service Providers. Any questions about photography or purchases then please e-mail me your queries using the contact form. These images are available as single pieces or sets, whatever looks nicest on your walls! Paper prints are produced on high quality paper and are sold unframed (when buying your frames I suggest using the white "mount" most frames come with, this white border complements the images perfectly, so a slightly larger frame works. I provide you with professional quality digital images of individuals enjoying the sport they love to play; creating life-long memories for you to enjoy. However, I printed enough from both EZ Prints and Bay Photo to know that either will print beautiful photos. SmugMug is a platform for creating a website that showcases your photography Print quality fell toward the middle of the pack—certainly not the best that we saw (skin tones skewed toward. Comparison of Gallery and Print Sale Website Hosts for Nature. SmugMug is the better choice overall for photo storage, as it allows you to store more photo file types, including RAW photos, and is slightly cheaper for its unlimited storage plan versus Flickr’s Pro plan. Prep Your Files for Great Prints. We aim to upload images within 24 hours of an activity. Have a look, comment, make merry. All images that are purchased DO NOT have any copyright info. 8 Powering 1 million sites Starting from $5. Included with all the SmugMug plans - Unlimited photo uploads. Xytex Donor Photo Gallery :: Powered by SmugMug. With SmugMug your photos are displayed at such high image quality too, which is what you really need. com offers the best online photo printing/sharing services, with the best quality for the price. Moving further on, let's take an in-depth look at the following four paid plans. SmugMug ranks 43rd among Photo Sharing sites. If you see something you really like, feel free to contact me for more details. Through my wide array of experiences I have been trained in print quality retouching, graphic design, studio lighting, and posing; a lot of the foundations for these skills were self taught. Here is a list of the SmugMug templates. You can sell photo prints, photo books, and photo gifts with the help of SmugMug's printing partners. Welcome ! I am Ron Kochman, photographer and owner of A Photographic Sensation Studio of Cheshire. On other services, I have to make sure my clients . Here's a trip down memory lane. Thank you for visiting my photo web site. For the highest quality options and pricing options please contact me directly: [email protected] And we agree — it's a good idea to get an idea of what your limits are… particularly when there isn't one. I highly recommend ordering directly from the gallery. Panorama Recommended Pixel Size. This is a good choice for enthusiasts and beginners who want a secure place for their photos. Jul 17, 2008 Re: Smugmug vs Zenfolio Print Quality. The photos are printed at a premier print lab that i know deliver good quality. Shutterfly is a company, which offers high-quality photo printing, online photo editing, and digital photo storage and sharing. I highly recommend the framed art prints and the postcard prints. Includes sitting fee, all quality images, cropped, enhanced on a CD with a Photographer's Release Form. The 15% retained caters for credit card payment fees, administrative costs and customer service. com or cell phone (202) 277-7751. We promise you'll love the quality of every purchase with our Make it Right Guarantee. In particular, the sharpness of my SmugMug photos is great – even on high-pixel monitors. Smugmug print quality? How is it? Jun 14, 2005. When comparing SmugMug vs Flickr, it is generally true that SmugMug offers better features and value for money for photo storage, and also benefits from photo printing and gives you the ability to sell your photos online. Award Winning Torquay based Photographer - Studio Portraits, Motorsport,F1, Commercial, Product & Landscape photography. The Best Online Photo Printing Service for 2022. You can special-order any photography from my old web site www. I print with Bay Photo (via SmugMug) and I'm quite happy with the service and print quality. Photos By Tom Zapcic To download images hover mouse over an image-thumbnail and click the down-arrow icon button on bottom right. Danielle's 25th Mark the Fire Dancer. Both have been photographers for 20 years studying under the prestigious Arizona Highways photographers and other nationally renowned photographers, such as George D. SmugMug handles the end to end process of image sales, from payment processing to printing and shipping. Dawn in the Tetons saw the tallest of the group lit while due to cloud cover, the other were dark. Print Photos Have your favorite prints in 4X6, 5X7, 8X10, 11X14 and reach out for other sizing options. We're thrilled to bring every photographer on Flickr a new professional-quality printing experience. Print SmugMug provides you with easy access to four high quality print labs. Here's a checklist from our in-house print experts to help you turn your favorite image into a perfect print, and to help avoid seeing your mistakes blown up super-sized on the wall. To download a single image, simply hover your mouse over the photo then click on the down arrow that appears in the lower right corner of the white bar. This photo and video gallery is provided as a service to the the St. myphotopipe News and Testimonials. from this Gallery” will allow you to choose and order prints from SmugMug. SmugMug is the more customizable. Smugmug Pro print quality. Selections of favorite photos can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnails below. TO DOWNLOAD HIGH RESOLUTION (PRINT QUALITY) FILES: 1. Cover choices are printed Aluminum,Plexi Glass and leather with vignettes. Thanks for dropping by Smugmug to view my photo's. White House and other professional. Also, you might want to give people options on quality of prints. The key differences are the blogging abilities, the commission rates, lab options for print sales, and the quality of pictures on mobile devices. If not, you are fully covered by SmugMug's print guarantee. Larry Snodgrass My favorite inspirational quote: "What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. The images on this page are available for purchase in prints of various sizes. I also do not recommend cropping out a large portion to zoom into a. Click on the buy button to view all the options and prices*.